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Top Stories in Public health and Medicine, Manipur, India.

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

1. Five die of rare fever in Mizoram- Alert sounded in state

Five Mizo villagers died of a rare viral fever, diagnosed as the Indian tick typhus, that surfaced in south Mizoram’s Thanzamasora last week. Three other persons in the same village were also afflicted with the disease and are now undergoing treatment in a rural health clinic in nearby Chawngte. The occurrence of the disease in Mizoram has rung an alarm not only in the state, but also in New Delhi.

2. Just what India needs – a green toilet, Berlin-based Israeli engineer designs a product the slums can afford.

The lack of toilets and other proper sanitation facilities in India, which forces many Indians, even in cities, to relieve themselves outdoors, takes a heavy toll on the country’s economy and public health. An Israeli designer is now completing a project of mobile toilets for slums and densely populated areas with no sewage system.

3. Boy Bias: India Census Results Point to Selective Abortion

The results of India’s 2011 Census reveal that far fewer girls than boys are born in the country each year, indicating a rapidly declining child gender ratio that reflects pervasive sex-selection practices. The census results for children age 6 and younger count 914 females to every 1,000 males: a number that’s declined from 927 to 1,000 in 2001 and is at its lowest since India gained independence. Comparing the number of girls actually born to the number that would have been born under a normal ratio suggests that “600,000 Indian girls go missing every year,” the Economist reports. In the past twenty years, India has seen 10 million female lives lost to abortion and sex selection.