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Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram

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Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram

Various benefits for Pregnant Women and Newborn under JSSK

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Healthcare for the needy: Opinion

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The announcement by the Health and Family Welfare Minister L  Jayantakumar while inaugurating the Primary Health Centre at Kakwa to initiate the process for the recruitment of 270 doctors is yet another much needed move towards making health accessible to the general public. With liberal funding from the centre, the state did see some development in terms of strengthening health delivery system, a number of Primary Health Centres (PHC) and Community Health Centres (CHC) in various parts of the state came up during this period. But there have been numerous complaints from the people of the localities where they have been set up about the non- functioning of the same. While the building stands, these centres are sometimes without the most basic component of any health delivery system – doctors and nurses. The most oft repeated answer from the government in answer to non posting of doctors to these remote and rural areas is the inadequacy of doctors at its disposal. Hopefully this latest recruitment of doctors will be able to address the problem to a great extent. And if this proves insufficient the state government should go in for recruitment of more doctors, there should not be any compromise on ensuring access to health care to the most needy. But even after the government has the adequate number of doctors at its disposal to man the various health centres and district hospitals, the problem of absentee doctors and nurses would still persist. This, our past experience tell us. Most of the doctors who get posted to rural and remote areas try their level best not to go there and use every means at their disposal to avoid going to these places. And in most cases, an open secret here, this works to the advantage of those at the helm of affairs who can affect these transfers. There have been numerous cases of transfers being revoked, transferred doctors getting deputed to some other duties, some going on study leave etc. On the ground people are still deprived of the services of the doctors even after their posting at their concerned health centres. To ensure doctors are present where they are needed, the government or those in charge of the Health department should work out effective policies so that doctors posted in rural and remote areas do not view these posting as discriminatory or punishment. For starters, those who passes out from the state medical college, JNIMS can be made to serve for a certain number of years as part of their internship. Along with this, it should be made mandatory for all the doctors in the service of government of Manipur to serve in rural and remote areas for certain number of years for certain number of times, the exact modalities can be worked out by an expert committee. Whatever means the government adopts, the important thing is to ensure health care services is available to the people. But here again, it is clear that no policy will bring any relieve or pan out advantageously for the public, if those who are responsible for implementing the same are not sincere. Side by side, the practitioners of the medical profession usually termed a noble profession for its ability to give life and hope to the sick and infirm, should reignite the willingness to come to the aid of the most needy and not be perpetually distracted by considerations of career and financial returns.

Sources:- Hueiyen Lanpao

Primary Health Centre (PHC) and two Primary Health Sub-Centres (PHSC) Inaugurated

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

IMPHAL, Oct 5: Destruction caused to public properties during the course of agitation over Sadar hills district demand was very unfortunate and should not be repeated, Health and Family Welfare Minister L Jayantakumar has stated.

He was speaking at the occasion of inaugurating one Primary Health Centre (PHC) and two Primary Health Sub-Centres (PHSC) constructed with funding from NREGS in different parts of Kumbi A/C as chief guest today. The inaugural function of the newly constructed PHC building and quarters at Kumbi and one PHSC each at Chairen Leingangtabi and Phoubak-chao was organised by Bishnupur District Society under the joint aegis of Directorate of Health Services and Social Welfare Department at Kumbi today.

Chairman of MANIDCO and MLA of Kumbi A/C N Mangi presided over the function.

Speaking at the occasion, Minister Jayantakumar observed that it is only the public would be at a loss if the buildings constructed by the Government and handed over to the public were set on fire and destroyed in pursuance of some demands.

Such destructions would only delay the pace of development in the State, the Minister pointed.

Stating that the Government has been taking up various steps to ensure health for all, the Minister explained that as part of this measure, construction of one 100-bedded hospital each in all the districts of the State is underway.

He also appealed to the doctors and other staff in the health sector to perform their duties with dedication.

In his presidential address, MLA Mangi observed that protection and co-operation of the people in developmental activities of the Government is very much essential and no development work would be possible without the support and co-operation of the people. … Primary Health Centre (PHC) and two Primary Health Sub-Centres (PHSC) Inaugurated

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Plan to double health spend over next 5 yrs: Ahluwalia

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India plans to more than double its health budget over the next five years, a move that would expand access to much-needed health care and reach more voters ahead of 2014 national elections, but could also further stretch government finances.

The UPA government led by Manmohan Singh, under fire from the opposition and civil society groups over various corruption scams and inflation, is trying to win back voters, as it has to face elections in five states next year.

“In the 12th plan…we will be able to increase both centre and state spending (on health) as percentage of GDP somewhere upto 2.5 percent from a little over 1 percent,” said Montek Singh Ahluwalia, deputy chairman of the planning commission, on Friday.

India’s plan panel — which recommends the allocation of federal funds for key national programmes — is expected to finalise the spending plan for the next five years to March 2017 by December.

Private households contribute to about three-fourth of total healthcare spending, which is at about 4 percent of the GDP – estimated at $1.6 trillion.

The government is struggling to meet a deficit target of 4.6 percent of GDP.

The World Bank has said despite improvement in health indicators in the country, slow progress has failed to match the impressive gains in economic growth during the past decade.

Ahluwalia said the government could focus on the poor – about 50 percent of the total 1.2 billion population – who could not afford health services, while partly subsidising the middle income groups.

A committee appointed by the Prime Minister to suggest universal health insurance coverage for all Indians is expected to submit its report by month end, Ahluwalia said.

Under the proposed universal health insurance scheme, the premium may be linked to income levels of the beneficiaries, although the government may pay the entire premium for those below the poverty line, he said.

(Reporting by Manoj Kumar; Editing by Aradhana Aravindan)

Free Drug Delivery Failed at the Ukhrul District Hospital

Free Drug Delivery Failed

It is more than evident that the government’s initiative to provide free medicines to the rural poor who cannot afford the escalating costs of medications on the market has miserably failed to deliver the goods in Ukhrul district. A case in point is the complete failure of the Free Drug Counter opened at the Ukhrul District Hospital which is supposed to be the only one of such in the whole of the district.

Although the said counter has been opened for quite sometime now, the public is yet to reap any benefits out of it since the same does not stock or give out any prescription medicines for reasons best known to themselves. So much so that the openinig of this very counter has been rendered meaningless for the general public.

We know that that in every system of working/service, temporary or occasional lapses are bound to occur and cannot be totally ruled out. But what do we say when a service regularly fails to be of use? This seems to be the case with the counter in question. Little wonder then, that they invariably  fail to provide even one out of 4/5 medicines on the prescription and the same prescribed by doctors of the District Hospital too. And with none bothering to go into the whys and wherefores, this manner of functioning has woefully become the done thing rather than the exception. As it is, walking up to the counter and showing prescription has proved to be a sheer waste of time for many a visitor. Instead, one has to buy all the medicines from the Chemist thereby incurring huge expenses even as free medicines provision is officially in place. In fact, if the so called Free Drug Counter was supposed to render any service to the public, the time is almost overdue.

On the other hand, if rumours are to be believed, then there is no shortage of medicines (read available under the counter) for some people who are well connected with members of staff and that too without the necessary prescription. Considering this sorry state of affairs, isn’t it time the public sit up and raise questions as to whether the provision of free drugs is for the needy common man or for the previledged few only? Or is the Free Drug Counter only for namesake?

All in all, it is a sad reflection on the overall functioning/administration of the Ukhrul District Hospital which has been in the news for the wrong reasons all these years. On their part, the authorities would do well to get their acts together and geared towards streamlining the service of free medicines provision through the Free Drug Counter among many other things. This will go a long way in improving to some extend the strained image of the hospital as well.

Yours faithfully,
Rehoboam Lester Makang,
Hamleikhong-C, Ukhrul.

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Doctor’s Day celebrated

By Hueiyen News Service

Imphal July 01: Almost all health care service providers in the state are confined in and around Imphal which is not a good sign at all. There is the need for providing basic health services to the people living in the far flung remote areas, asserted Moses Chalai, Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, GoM.

Speaking as the chief guest in the Doctor’s Day celebration organized by Lameithanbi Mangal, a health care unit of the ISTV network, K. Moses Chalai said that Manipur has achieved great progress in terms of health care in recent years. There was a time when there were only a few hospitals and health care institutes in the state with hardly a handful of doctors and nurses. Now there are around 1000 doctors and nurses under NRHM apart from the regular ones posted in different government run hospitals and those in private clinics.

“We need to expand and reach out to the far flung and remote areas. This is a big challenge to the health department” he said.  He further went on to say that the commitment and integrity of some doctors are in question. “Manipur is better than many other states, but we are not good enough,” he said.
Mission Director of State Health Society NRHM, N Ashokumar,  Prof. & HOD, Medicine, JNIMS Dr Th Biren graced the function as president and guest of honour respectively.

Sources: Hueiyen Lanpao

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Road to Tousem a hindrance to healthcare service

Daniel Kamei

The Best Road enroute to Tousem PHC

Tamenglong June 14: THE TOUSEM primary health centre of Tamenglong district is running smoothly by one NGO Aruna Trust under Medical department said Haingeung, Chairman Tousem Village Authority in a press released today.

Tousem PHC was existed for name sake only for the last many years due to improper infrastructure with no doctor, nurse and medicine. Many lives had lost due to lack of medical facilities and patients have to be shifted to district hospital to save their lives.

Since the take over the PHC by Aruna Trust, transportation of patients with local made carriers or in the back of dear and near ones of the patients to reach the district hospital has been a thing of pass.

Now, under the supervisor of Aruna Trust, the PHC has two doctors and has adequate staff, the village authority said expressing gratitude to the trust in the service of the people of Tousem sub- Division of Tamenglong district.

However, one pathetic condition of Tousem still prevailing is bad road transportation. The medical staffs are facing untold suffering due to shortage of foodstuffs and other essential commodities including medicines.

He drew the attention of the concern authority to look into the matter seriously and ensure supply of foodstuff, rice, kerosene, electricity by improving the condition of the road from Kaiphundai to Tousem.

Sources:- Hueiyen News Services