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Full Marks to Director RIMS, Imphal


It was very painful to learn about the incident in RIMS on the night of 19th December when students misbehaved, conducted themselves like a bunch of hooligans and turned an unruly crowd against the Director. The obnoxious behaviour on that fateful night and subsequent cease work followed by a smear campaign by these guilty students was totally unexpected, shameful to say the least and certainly deserves widespread condemnation. Student community must refrain from indulging in such unwarranted reaction and slandering, and admit their mistakes with humility and grace. They definitely deserve to be told where their place is and taught a lesson or two on how students are expected to conduct themselves, should they go astray.

I fully support and endorse with the bold and justified actions taken by the Director and kudos to him for this somewhat unprecedented drive. He has proved beyond doubts that he means business and will not tolerate nonsense of any sorts while he is at the helm of affairs. We certainly require more gutsy persons like him to head our rotting educational institutes so as to prevent further slump. In fact, I would have appreciated all the more had the Director gone a step further to rusticate and send those rowdy students home so that they can regret their impulsive outbursts at leisure.

At a time when the people of Manipur are facing the most severe power shortages and load shedding experienced in recent memories, the electrically pampered students of RIMS (who get 24 hrs uninterrupted power supply) have the audacity to claim right to use all sorts of power guzzling fancy/modern electric gadgets against existing institute orders. I am sure all that those students are more than aware of potential fire hazard inherent in use of high voltage gadgets en masse, especially in hostels and other heavily populated buildings (recent AMRI hospital fire in Kolkata still being fresh and vivid in our minds).

An average resident of Manipur (the lesser mortals like me who has neither a “VIP Connection” nor has a “Double Phase Connection”) hardly gets three/four hours of electric supply in a day. As a result, our children study with solar/emergency lamps (as electricity supply is inadequate to even charge inverter batteries and neighbours objects to generator noise as a matter of right in Manipur). On the other hand, students of RIMS, who would face the same pathetic situation at their homes, want to have the luxury of consuming unlimited (free of cost) amount of electricity even at the extent of not adhering to orders institute administration. They should consider themselves lucky with 24X7 uninterrupted power supply they are getting, concentrate on their primary business of being medical students rather than indulging into acts which are generally committed by the illiterate and irresponsible sections of the society.

The Director accompanied by the warden (who is a woman) and male security personnel has full rights and authority to enter the girls’ hostel, especially when the intentions are not mala fide. Are the girl students trying to say that no male fire tender should enter and douse fire in girls’ hostel and wait for arrival of female fire tenders in the unfortunate eventuality of fire breaking out. The PG students who marched towards the Director’s Official Residence should consider themselves lucky that the security guards did not open fire and merely resorted to pointing the gun at them as alleged.

Thus, it is in their own interests that the student community shed “mob mentality”, concentrate on their studies and endeavour to become good doctors and serve their kith and kin in their respective communities/states in right earnest rather than demean the noble profession. RIMS authorities also may consider taking stern disciplinary actions against erring students so as to deter them from venturing into misadventures in future. After all, the society looks up to medical fraternity as healers and even as demigods at time at certain places. Let us not let this healthy mutual trust and respect be dissipated because of irresponsible behaviour on the part of few offenders. I hope the student community, particularly students of NIT Manipur are listening and getting the message loud and clear too.

Yours faithfully,
Lt Col (retd) Naorem Kumar
Administrator, NIT Manipur

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  1. Finn
    May 13, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Fuck u….if he repeat that habit of pointing guns at students(immoral)again,we will throw him out of the institute in no time….you dont even see how corrupted he is….we know better

  2. rims student
    July 15, 2012 at 2:31 am

    your article reeks of jealousy,frustration and open discrimination against people who are not from manipur.and ur ways also seem like u r expecting some favours from our corrupt director in the future.i wonder why u choose to become an educator with an attitude like this.during winter in the hospital every doctor’s room,starting from a registrar has heater on whole day.just imagine how many depts r there n what will b the amount of power consumption!same thing is practised by all the nurses n other staffs.students r in the class or on duty throughout the day.is it so wrong for them to use a heater for some hrs before sleeping.you very well know that if we conserve electricity,your children who study in difficult conditions are not going to get any relief because this electricity isnt going to be distributed to the needy.so just because you cant have it you hate others who are enjoying it.are you sure you are a grown up?and about sending the students back home…how dare you even say such a thing!these students have worked hard and passed through exams before landing a seat here.and the seat is neither free nor manipuri property.and you are ill informed if you think other ne states are reeling in darkness.development may vary from place to place but nowhere is the power condition like manipur.other srates are far far better off where power is concerned.please do not think that the world ends inside your well.you must also be a very reckless,mannerless and antisocial person since you clearly wanted the security to shoot the agitating students in order to teach them a lesson.dont worry an RTI against you will be in our agenda as we r pretty sure you were ousted from the army because of your evil nature.my prayers for your poor NIT students for having such a bad person as a teacher and guide and for you….well….god help you and your twisted ideology.

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