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BRMS, 3.5-yr rural medical study not mini-MBBS degree

The planning commission has backed the Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery degree but clarified that it was not a mini-MBBS but rather a unique training programme aimed at the basic healthcare needs of its target population.

According to the Union health ministry, vulnerable populations in rural, tribal and hilly areas are extremely underserved. In 2006, only 26% of doctors in India resided in rural areas, serving 72% of India’s population. Another study found the urban density of doctors is nearly four times that in rural areas, and that of nurses also three times higher.

As of March 2010, undue delays in recruitments resulted in high vacancies even in available posts at health centres—over 34% of male health workers are not in position, while 38% of radiographer posts, 16% of laboratory technician posts, 31% of specialist posts, 20% of pharmacist posts, 17% of ANM and 10% of doctor posts are vacant.

Overall, human resources in health shortfalls range from 63% for specialists to 10% for allopathic doctors. The past few decades have also seen the disappearance of certain cadres-—village health guides and traditional birth attendants, first instituted in 1986. “They have now decreased to a point of nonexistence,” the report said.

The panel said, “The BRMS degree should be linked to state health sciences universities. BRMS students should be taught in local settings where they live and work and the faculty should be drawn both from existing teaching institutions and retired teachers. The faculty should include non-physician specialists from the fields of public health and social sciences.” … Read More

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