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Womb Cancer Risk Linked to Cakes

Cakes, biscuits and buns can significantly increase women’s chances of developing womb cancer reveals a study.

Women who indulge in sweets two to three times a week were at 33 percent higher risk of developing womb cancer. Study further revealed women who snack on cakes, biscuits and buns more than three times a week are 42 percent more likely to suffer from the disease.

However, people with sweet tooth need not be disappointed as the researchers describe this degree of effect to be modest and warrant further investigations.

Scientists of the Stockholms Karolinska Institute revealed that excess sugar release more insulin , this can result in excessive cell growth in the inner membrane of womb.

Swedish scientists studied thousands of women to know the link between sugary food and womb cancer. Between 1987 and 1990, women were asked dozens of question related to their general health, diet, lifestyle and weight. After 10 years, these women answered more extensive questions related to their eating habits and lifestyle. In 2008, all the information was matched with their medical records, especially the diagnoses of endometrial cancer (most common form of womb cancer).

Out of 61,226 women 729 developed cancer. Women who snacked on cakes, bun and biscuits were 42 per cent more likely to develop cancer than those who had less of them. High sugar items such as sweet, soft drinks, colas and marmalade pose little or no risk of womb cancer, researcher said.

According to British cancer experts it is too early to draw any firm conclusion.

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