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Unique reservation norm enforced in JNIMS 2 seats for faculty State share reduced by two seats

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 18 2011: As against 85 seats received by the State last year out of 100 MBBS seats available in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS), allocation of seats to students of the State would be reduced to 83 seats this year.

The allocation of 83 seats for students of the State has also been approved by the JNIMS governing body headed by the Chief Minister as chairman.

An agreement on reducing the State’s share by two seats as compared to last year was struck during a meeting of the governing body held today at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat with the Chief Minister in the chair.

A well-known member of JNIMS governing body informed The Sangai Express that the meeting agreed on reserving 83 seats for State students and keep the remaining 17 seats open for students coming from other States under the category ‘others’ .

Earlier, JNIMS authority notified that out of 85 seats available to students of the State after subtracting 15 seats for central pool, five seats would be reserved for JNIMS faculty staff thereby reducing the number of available seats to just 80 .

Despite the written intimation sent by JNIMS authority for reservation of five seats for faculty staff, Administrative Department has been withholding the necessary convey order.

Out of 17 seats categorised as ‘others’, 15 seats would be set aside as central pool and the remaining two seats are likely to be reserved for faculty members.

To a query raised by The Sangai Express, the governing body member said that the members were of the opinion that the Administrative Department should issue necessary convey order for reservation of two seats for faculty staff.

The question of reserving five per cent seats for JNIMS faculty staff was already approved by the 7th and 11th meeting of the governing body.

Today’s meeting deliberated on the number of seats and the modality of reserving the seats.

In the event of reserving two seats for JNIMS faculty staff, two students who make to the merit list of the tough MBBS entrance test conducted by the Health Directorate would be compelled to forgo the opportunity of undergoing MBBS course even though they deserved it rightfully.

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