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Letters to The Editors: NEIGRIHMS, Shillong In Distress

Source: The Shillong Times

It was a proud moment when our children joined NEIGRIHMS MBBS course three years ago. It was an upcoming institute of excellence we were told. But now we find that the institute is lacking in several aspects of MBBS teaching. The Institute is highly understaffed, not meeting even minimal faculty strength. Several faculty who have joined from various prestigious institutes, have already left and more are preparing to leave for various reasons. No new faculty have joined since the past two years. Going through the MCI website we learnt that this is a very serious matter and chances are that the Institute will not get full recognition or may even be derecognized.

Construction of basic amenities like proper hostels and dedicated undergraduate classrooms for teaching-learning are yet to start. Some batches of students are in Polo campus from where they have to commute for not less than an hour to attend classes, go back for lunch and return for evening classes wasting precious academic time. Dinner is served in the evening so that the cooks can leave early and food is prepared elsewhere, so no quality check can be done. Every student complains of gastroenteritis soon after joining. And the list goes on!

My question is, if this is the status, then why was the MBBS course started in the first place? At the end of five years will our children get a MBBS degree or a diploma in Medicine & surgery (MDDS) similar to the quasi-medical degrees offered elsewhere to cater to the rural population or will they just be told to “pack off”? Will they be competent enough after training in this facility to treat us and other family members? Will the doctors and other administrative staff of NEIGRIHMS go to him/her for treatment? If NEIGRIHMS is brave enough to introspect then probably little is left to change at this stage and all the medical students should be transferred to “recognized medical colleges” so that their future is not marred. I have learnt that the parents of students selected from CBSE PMT have already made such an appeal. I request the administration to spare our children too.

Yours etc.,
Aggrieved Parents of MBBS Students

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