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Monetary assistance extended to children living with HIV/AIDS

Imphal, June 19: Monetary assistance of Rs. 1.25 lakh was given today to 43 children living with HIV/AIDS, all hailing from Uripok Assembly Constituency, in a function held at Epathoukok Shanglen, Naoremthong Bazar.

Manipur Legislative Forum on HIV/AIDS, Uripok MLA L Nandakumar, Y Kesho, former Guidance Officer of Education Directorate, Y Ibempishak, wife of DGP Y Joykumar, were the donors of the monetary assistance.

MLA Nandakumar handed over the amount to SASO general secretary Sushilkumar for onward distribution to the children at the function held as part of constituency level HIV/AIDS convention organized by the Manipur Legislative Forum on HIV/AIDS.

MLA Dr Kh Loken was the chief guest of the opening function of the convention which was presided over by DGP Y Joykumar. MLA L Nandakumar, IMC councilor, Th Baleshwor, L Arunkumar and president Murali Meetei of Epathoukok were guests of honour of the function.

Former project director Dr Kh Pramodkumar, Dr H Diamond Sharma of RIMS, Dr Y Mohen, Dr Bibekananda, were the resource persons of the one day constituency level convention on HIV/AIDS.

In his speech as chief guest, MLA Dr Loken urged upon the people not to stigmatize the people including children infected by HIV/AIDS and treat them with love and care. There is the need for taking care of them for fighting against the dreaded disease, he added.

DGP, Y Joykumar, in his speech as president, asserted that the problem of HIV/AIDS has been faced in the last 30 years or so. This problem is a worrisome and important issue. It should not be taken lightly. If not checked, the spread of this disease will continue and the society will face destruction, he said.

He said that even though effort are there for protection from the dreaded disease, the targeted achievements have not been realised. So, there is a research needed to find out the reasons behind the little success in the efforts.

There is still the habit among the masses, of forgetting the issue after attending an awareness programme. This is indicative that the targeted achievements will be difficult to be realised. He believed that if the issue is discussed frequently, at least once a week, there would come a change.

For holding discussions or awareness programmes, there would be no dearth of funds as it can be availed from the Centre or the state government. The DGP asserted that from his side he is always ready to extend cooperation.

He further stressed the need for setting up a system which would help the people living with HIV/AIDS or helping themselves. This will give them strength to live them in the society.

MLA L Nandakumar said that it is an unfortunate that innocent people are infected or affected by the dreaded disease. The monetary assistance given through SASO will not reveal the identities of the affected people.

State coordinator of UN AIDS, Sushil Huidrom gave the key note address. Y Ibempishak and Y Kesho were also in the podium of the function.

Source: Hueiyen News Service

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