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Road to Tousem a hindrance to healthcare service

Daniel Kamei

The Best Road enroute to Tousem PHC

Tamenglong June 14: THE TOUSEM primary health centre of Tamenglong district is running smoothly by one NGO Aruna Trust under Medical department said Haingeung, Chairman Tousem Village Authority in a press released today.

Tousem PHC was existed for name sake only for the last many years due to improper infrastructure with no doctor, nurse and medicine. Many lives had lost due to lack of medical facilities and patients have to be shifted to district hospital to save their lives.

Since the take over the PHC by Aruna Trust, transportation of patients with local made carriers or in the back of dear and near ones of the patients to reach the district hospital has been a thing of pass.

Now, under the supervisor of Aruna Trust, the PHC has two doctors and has adequate staff, the village authority said expressing gratitude to the trust in the service of the people of Tousem sub- Division of Tamenglong district.

However, one pathetic condition of Tousem still prevailing is bad road transportation. The medical staffs are facing untold suffering due to shortage of foodstuffs and other essential commodities including medicines.

He drew the attention of the concern authority to look into the matter seriously and ensure supply of foodstuff, rice, kerosene, electricity by improving the condition of the road from Kaiphundai to Tousem.

Sources:- Hueiyen News Services

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