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Top stories in health and medicine: Public Health, India, Manipur.

1. India’s Health Ministry Dismisses ‘Superbug’ in Water Report.

India’s Health Ministry has dismissed the findings of a London-based Lancet report on New Delhi’s water. The report says that residents in New Delhi rely on water supplies that are infested with a highly resistant bug hazardous to the safety of humans.

2. Health research in India poor: Lancet study

Expressing concern over the scarcity of research on the routine health-information system in both reports and published papers, which is crucial to track the response of the health system to the health needs of the population, a paper on “Research to achieve health care for all in India” published in the latest edition of The Lancet medical journal has suggested that major national organisations of health research in India come together to provide effective stewardship.

3. More than a million Indians die a year due to lack of healthcare access, says PwC study

“Some 700 million Indians in the villages and non-urban areas don’t have access to healthcare facilities because around 80 per cent of the specialists and medical facilities are located in urban areas. Around 350 million Indians live Below the Poverty Line (BPL) and survive on less than Rs.100/- per day, putting nearly all medicines out of their reach. Even when the medicines are available free, the poor lack the meagre resources to travel to the nearest government-supported Primary Health Centre (PHC) located kilometers away from their village. Finally, these PHCs are often under-equipped and under-staffed,” according to a white paper by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and India Health Progress.

4. US help for India’s superbug fight.

The world’s best-known institute for handling bad bugs — Atlanta-based Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — will help India strengthen its laboratory and manpower capacity to better detect pathogens like NDM-1 and virus outbreaks.

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