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Health Management and Education

Health Management and Education

Department of Health, Govt. of Manipur is managing the services provided through the 4 (four) main division and each division is headed by one Additional Director whose offices are located at Directorate Complex, Lamphel , Imphal Manipur.

  • Public Health (PH)
  • Planning & Finance (PF)
  • Manpower Development (MD)
  • Medical Care (MC)

Details of the activities taken up under these four divisions are as follows:

Public Health (PH) looks after
Supervision, monitoring and co-ordination of National Leprosy Eradication , T.B. Control and Anti Malaria Programme.
Control of Epidemics and containment of Communicable disease outbreaks including Immunization Programmme
Supervision and control of Health Education Bureau – Health Education & Media Coverage
Nutrition and school health programme
Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA)
Supervision and control of – Blood bank, STD, Drug De-Addiction Centers, NGOs in this regard
To assist as Chairman Screening Committees for claims related to medical Re-imbursement
To assist Member Secretary, Medical Board for National Security Act/Under Trial prisoner
MIS & Vital Statistics
MIS & Health Statistics


Planning &Finance (PF), looks after
Assignments of Planning Cell ( Health and Hospital planning, Plan budget and plan expenditure etc.)
Material Management & Purchases
WHO and UNICEF Assistance
Establishment of Grade-III employees (officers, ministerial, technical and non-technical)
Assignments of Accounts & Bill section


Manpower Development (MD), looks after
Establishment, Training & Nursing Council  of nurses
Workshops, Seminar, & Meetings
Inspection of Medical Institutions &Technical Audit
Establishment of Grade-IV
General Administration
Indigenous System of Medicine (ISM) & Nature Cure
Trainings: MBBS, MDS, B-pharm, D-pharm, B.Sc (Nsg) & other Para- Technical courses.
In-service trainings of Gaz., Non-Gaz including P.G. courses


Medical Care (MC), looks after
Supervision & control of Accidents & Emergencies  – Accidents & Emergencies Care, Disaster Management
Implementation of private clinics/Nsg, Home Registration Act
Supervision &control hospital affairs
Cancer Control Programme
Activities of State Health Transport Organization (SHTO)
To look after the work of state Orphan offices
National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB)
Drug administration including Drugs and Cosmetic Acts
All activities of State Medical Board (SMB)
Mental Health Programme


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