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Good idea but bad start: A brief perspective on public health

Good idea but bad start

Leivon Jimmy, IFP, Editorial

It is very encouraging to learn, that Manipur which already has earned a place in the field of medical sciences in the country, is on the verge to equip itself with more appropriate facilities. Establishing a state medical college, JNIMS, dental college and also nursing council, upgrading district hospitals, PHC, CHC. Indeed this upgrading process is an indication good health care delivery system for one is on the way and all, especially those living in the remote corner of the state, for whom health care delivery system has been a far dream until now.
But the apprehension in the state is that if there is anything that can go wrong, it always goes wrong. The potential for chronic system failure embedded in the core of the state ensures that when it comes into collision with any new system somehow, the old system always gets carried away. The result, is predicted to be failure in the shape of delays in implementation of works, corruption, lack of transparency, threats, administration failure etc. The blame is not only of those who are running the administration as there are also instances of external forces playing key role in causing hindrances.
Some common indications now are beginning to appear before us. Like the confusion at the RIMS over the establishment of dental college and nursing college. Where on earth can we get to witness such a drama in which one site is alloted for two colleges. The most interesting part is that the blue prints of the master plans of the institution also showed the two proposed colleges at the same location. Now that the nursing college is one step ahead, being given green signal to begin it session, reports of allegations of discrepancies in recruiting nurses have surfaced in some local dailies.  This could seriously jeopardize the trust of the Union health ministry which has been showering their enthusiasm for the people of the state and in the meantime the fame and fortune of the premier institute, one of its kinds in the North Eastern Region, can end up with a lot of eggs on the face. Besides, the facilities we could have got from these colleges would be a non starter for more time.
On the other hand, delays in full swing functioning of JNIMS, the much hyped project is also beginning to annoy. Although this seems to be a small matter, should not it be given more serious attention? There is more chaos. The security arrangements at the JN Hospital has raised many eyebrows. This is so because male security guards at the hospital check women visitors before entering the hospitals when female security guards are available. It could leads to ugly misunderstandings in days to come.
With the premier institutions in such a condition, unable to get off to a good starts or going with flaws during its initials period of establishment, what would be the conditions for health care promised to those remote area, like the PHC, CHC, district hospitals? Without placing them under the radar of the strict monitoring by concerned administrative authorities, they would be much worse shapes. Would it be the dream of the needy would remain unfulfilled much to their dismay? These are some question desperately calling for answers. As the saying goes “A work well begun is half done”. But the situation we are facing here is totally contrary to this expectation.

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