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Manipur Health Services

Organisation: The State Health Department of Manipur fully is committed in the total health cafe of its people in the spirit of Heath for All. The priority of the Department is to provide the optimum health needs of the people in general and particularly to those living in  Rural and Tribal areas of the State.

A complete chart showing the department’s  organizational structure can be found either in the following MS WORD format or PDF format.

The Health system of the State is based upon the Primary Health  Care approach as envisaged in the   National Health Policy of 1983 with the objective of attainment of “Health for All” and “All for Health

The three tier administrative set up of the Health Services in the State is as follows :

The highest level of the organisation is the Administrative level.  A cabinet Minister heads it and major decisions concerning policies, programmes and proposals are taken at this level. The minister is supported by a Commissioner/Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and under Secretary of Manipur Secretariat .

At directorate level, the department  is headed by the Director as the Technical and health  Administrator of the state. The Director is  assisted by Additional Directors, Joint Directors and Deputy Directors to give direction and undertake planning, supervision, evaluation and monitoring of various health programmes taken up in the  state of Manipur.

The District level Health Administration is organised through the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) as the head who is assisted by District Level Programme Officers. The District Health Organization is responsible for implementation of various health programmes under primary health care through a network of various health care centres and hospitals in the district.

A complete chart showing the District level Health Administration structure can be found either in the following MS WORD format or PDF format.

Health Infrastructure: The state has altogether 539 Primary Health Care Institutions,  13  hospitals including one state level hospital (J.N Hospital) as referral centre and 7 District Hospitals. Other  9 Drug de-addiction centres, TB Centers at 6 districts, 4 Leprosy Control Unit and 6 STD Clinics tea  are functioning in the State.

Health Manpower: A total of 626 Medical officers, 37 dental surgeons, 321 pharmacists, 235 staff nurses, 148 male heath supervisors and 412 female health workers are working in various institutions of the organization. Out of a requirement of 260 clinical specialists, only 107 are available with the organization to cater to the needs of the people of Manipur.

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