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Health Status in Manipur based on 2001 census

Health Status
Health department is rendering health care services to the people of Manipur specially who reside at rural and hill areas. The Health system of the State is based upon the Primary Health  Care approach  with the objective of attainment of “Health for All” and “All for Health“.

The basic health care is provided at Primary Health Care Units and the   population coverage by these  units as on 2001 based on the census 2001 is as given below :

Sl,No Health Institutions Population (Hill) Population (Valley)
1 PHSC 4,428 5,799
2 PHC 27,308 31,896
3 CHC 1,63,845 1,14,822

The state has also 13 hospitals including 7 District Hospitals and 1 state level hospital ie J.N Hospital as referral centre.  Secondary health are are provided at these hospital.

The health status of the state may be gauged by the health indicators tabled below :

Sl.No. Demographic Indicator/thousand population Manipur State All India Average
1 Crude birth rate 18.3 (SRS 2001) 25.8(SRS 2001)
2 Crude death rate 5.4(SRS 2001) 8.5(SRS 2001)
3 Infant mortality death rate 23(SRS 2001) 68(SRS 2001)
4 Leprosy prevalence 0.59  
5 Malaria prevalence 0.39  

The state has altogether 539 Primary Health Care Institutions,  13  hospitals including one state level hospital (JN Hospital) as referral centre and 7 District Hospitals. Other  9 Drug de-addiction centres, TB Centers at 6 districts, 4 Leprosy Control Unit and 6 STD Clinics   are functioning in the State. With this, state has achieved almost the National Norm for establishment of Health Institutions.

Although department has been able to establish the required number of health institutions, wide infrastructure gaps still exist in the area of building equipments and manpower. The emphasis is now to give optimal function of the already established functionaries by providing the necessary infrastructures.

Performance of services at hospitals and other Institutions during 2001-02 are as follows:

Sl.No Item J.N Hosp. Churachandpur District Hosp Other Institutions Total State
1 OPD Cases 129904 73765 834738 1038407
2 Inpatient cases 10418 4235 16571 31224
3 Deliveries 3517 1261 3703 8481
4 Major Operation conducted 1908 942 79 2929
5 Minor operation conducted 1931 615 11193 13739

National Family Health Survey (NFHS-2)
conducted by  International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, India; ORC Macro, Calverton, Maryland, USA and the East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA in 1998-99 in all 26 states of India with added features on the quality of health and family planning services, domestic violence, reproductive health, anemia, the nutrition of women, and the status of women. The results of the survey are currently being published in http://www.nfhsindia.org. Heath status of Manipur also is available in this website.

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